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Verbena Always

Verbena Always

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Beyond its many virtues for our health, fragrant verbena is particularly refreshing and thirst-quenching. With its lemony and zesty notes, it will give you a feeling of freshness and lightness all day long. Tasted in the evening, it will contribute to your relaxation and rest. We have selected high quality leaves, from organic farming. These will be presented to you whole in our bulk packaging. We have chosen to cut them up to package them and also allow you to taste them in our compostable pyramid bags and certified without plastic or GMOs.

⚖️12-15g/l 🌡80-95°C ⏱ 10-12min

  • Advice

    This delicate herbal tea is the perfect accompaniment to a good wine (red or white) as well as strong-tasting dishes, especially fish or tangy desserts.

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