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~ Rosita, our source of inspiration and the driving force behind this family project, has always been passionate about tea and its virtues. She is the one who carefully composes each tea. Days and weeks precede each validation of our products. If not judged "excellent", it will be reworked until it comes close to perfection ~


More than a passion

ow &

~ Michelle, the only child of Alain and Rosita, is finishing her master's degree in Strategic Marketing after having accomplished a degree in Management. She is the business element of the team. Her priority is "to offer an exceptional experience to each customer". Driven by her mother's passion and the idea of developing a family project, she decided to embark on this project by a hundred percent ~



~ Alain is a fundamental pillar of the Row & Ma. As an airline pilot his work  is of ultimate precision, 

At the helm of accounting, administration and technology, his precision and his patience allow harmony and perseverance within the team. Driven by love he embraced  his wife's passion. Quality and excellence are values shared by all members of the family ~



Make your soul dance

Our vision, stimulate your 5 senses and your creativity by pouring passion into your cups!

We believe in the fact that inspiration is the main source of happiness and motivation. We want you to be inspired daily! For this, we accompany each of your moments with a delicious melody, unforgettable scents and divine flavors.

Row & Ma accompanies you at any time of the day from the moment you wake up to give you energy, soothe you and inspire you.


Mug on the beach
Glass of tea on magazine
Glass of tea on magazine
cup in hands
Row & Ma box with cup of tea and plate of figs
Basket of figs, raspberries and blackberries


Our ambition is to share and transmit our passion for taste and for excellence!


We aim to provide you with unique experiences. We have carefully selected black and green teas and infusions with exceptional flavors and virtues. We make sure to offer you high-end organic teas of the best possible quality.


Tea, like wine, sublimates your dishes and makes you live extraordinary culinary experiences, acting as a flavor enhancer.



Let's be together actors for a better world

Quality & Bio

Each of our teas are carefully selected for their unique taste and for their virtues.

We offer you certified Organic Agriculture by Ecocert.

We ensure the quality of our producers and their working methods. Each of our producers is guaranteed GMO-free.

Benefits and virtues

The benefits of teas as well as herbal teas have been well known and appreciated for several centuries and millennia by a large number of peoples and civilizations.

For the most part, we have detailed their virtues.

However, they should not be interpreted as medicinal treatment.


We use a minimum of plastic in our packaging and do our utmost to use recycled and recyclable materials.

Our packaging is guaranteed GMO-free.

W for World

Where do our high-end teas come from?


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