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Magic in pastry

With his delicious recipes, unique, avant-garde and without coloring, Mickael Ligley is more than a pastry chef, he is a true virtuoso in the kitchen.  He is the pastry chef of Roseau des Lacs in Annecy and was also a finalist of LMP - Le Meilleur Pâtissier Pro (M6) in 2021. Today, he  has created a unique dessert, combining fruity flavors with our Earl Gray Imperial Exuberance black tea.  Treat yourself !

Peach Vanilla X Exuberance Impériale

Mickael Ligley vanilla peach cake
Mickael Ligley vanilla peach cake



Almond streusel 

50g butter

50g brown vergoise

50g raw almond powder

1g fleur de sel

40g flour

Mix the softened butter with the vergoise, add the rest of the ingredients, spread as finely as possible on baking paper and cook for about 20 minutes at 160 °.

Reconstituted strawberry shortbread
QS streusel
60g roasted almonds
40g strawberry chocolate
80g hazelnut praline

15g earl Gray tea

Mix the streusel, mix with the almonds and add the melted chocolate mixed with the praline. Spread on a baking sheet

40/60 and freeze

Peach coulis 

200g peach puree

2g NH pectin

10g caster sugar

Heat the puree and incorporate the sugar pectin mixture, boil for 3 minutes and cool

Almond peach cookie 
40g raw roasted almond powder
40g vergeoise
25g white
30g yellow
20g cream
1g fleur de sel
40g melted butter

15g earl gray tea


60g white
6g vergoise
30 g flour
1g baking powder
QS ice fishing

Mixer  the first part of the ingredients, add the whites assembled with the vergeoise in 3 batches and add the last part with the third third of the whites. Place pieces of peach all over the biscuit, pour into a frame and cook for about 15 minutes at 160 °. Place the reconstituted shortbread, freeze on the cookie for 24 hours.

Vanilla whipped ganache 

250g 35% cream

80g white chocolate

1 vanilla  pod

1g gelatin

6g water

Heat a part of the cream with the vanilla, Chinese on the chocolate, mix and add the rehydrated gelatin, then the rest of the cream and mix. Reserve 24 hours in the fridge before poaching


100g passion-inspired chocolate

30g strawberry-inspired chocolate

60g cocoa butter

QS chopped almond

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