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Magic in pastry

When creativity meets elegance and simplicity! Wondering where to find trendy gourmet pastries? You just have to discover the talented Franco-Australian chef, Richard Hawke. His creations are not just vegan, Gluten Free and lactose free, but inspired from around the world and irresistibly delicious.


Today we have the chance to collaborate with him and present his splendid creation to you; The Magnificent Matcha Sesame made with our grade A ceremonial Matcha.  To discover the wonderful world of Richard we also invite you to discover his site

Richard Hawke - Elegance and simplicity. Treat yourself!

Matcha-Sesame X Ceremonial matcha grade A

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He describes the marriage of foods and flavors in his interesting recipe;

“Matcha tea goes very well  good with sesame. To obtain superb results, I chose to work with the Sesame Praline from Chocolat Weiss. It is of very high quality and its taste is particularly strong. To keep a nice balance in the praline, I cut it with almond praline. It is important to maintain the quality of such Matcha (Ceremonial Premium - grade A) . If it is not stored correctly (in a cool place) it loses its taste and color, defining its quality. As for the Matcha cookie, you can also enjoy it on its own, just pay attention to its cooking, so that it is neither raw nor dry! "



Soft matcha sponge

180g Caster sugar

33g Egg whites

80g Egg yolks

45g Cream 35% fat

1.1g Fine sea salt ' Fleur de Sel '

190g Almond powder

155g Butter

200g Egg whites

22g Caster sugar

26g Brown rice flour

26g Maize flour

26g Potato starch

8.4g Matcha green tea powder

4.5g  Baking powder (gluten-free)

Mix first 6 ingredients in robot-coupe.
Melt butter to 45°C, whip egg whites and gradually add sugar.
Fold meringue into paste mixture, take a small amount of mixture and fold into melted butter, finish with sifted flours.
Spread 1000g into a 37 x 27 cm frame and bake at 170°C for 10 to 12 minutes.

Leave to cool before cutting 2 cm wide lengths.

Light sesame almond praline cream

300g Milk

50g Cocoa butter (Weiss)

0.6g Iota (Louis François)

1.5g Locust bean gum (Louis François)

360g Sesame praline (Weiss)

175g Almond praline 60% Valencia (Weiss)

Heat milk and cocoa butter to 50°C, add iota and gum and boil.
Pour onto praline and emulsify in robot-coupe.

Refrigerate 24 hours before piping with N°8 tip onto sponge. Refrigerate to set before cutting 5 cm lengths.

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