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My Chamomile

My Chamomile

PriceFrom €10.00

Our infusion based on whole Chamomile flowers from organic farming, invites you to relax and meditate. Tasty and with notes of honey, this exquisite and relaxing herbal tea will soothe you and promote digestion.


Its benefits will accompany you throughout the day. Consumed in the evening, it will contribute to a soft and peaceful sleep.


Infused hot or cold, it can, like all our teas, be used as a base for the preparation of delicious dishes and cocktails.

⚖️12-15g/l 🌡80-95°C ⏱ 10-12min

  • Advice

    There are different ways to consume the delicious Chamomile. Pure or latte this one is wonderful. We also like the latte version, oat milk with honey.
    Our Camomile will go very well with chocolate and/or vanilla-based desserts.

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