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Midnight Treasure - Organic apple verbena infusion

Midnight Treasure - Organic apple verbena infusion

PriceFrom €17.00

Apple *, natural flavor, lemon balm *, whole verbena *, Tulsi *, orange peels *, marigold flowers *, hop flowers *, lady's mantle *, valerian *, savory *. * From organic farming

⚖️ 15-20g / l 🌡 95 ° C ⏱7 -10min

  • Bergamot, verbena, citrus flavors

    Freshness & flavor, the herbal tea that makes you travel

    Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of pleasure and relaxation with our floral and fruity infusion with soothing and relaxing aromatic plants. Fresh and tasty, this infusion does not contain caffeine.


    Support you every step of the way

    It is perfect for relaxing in the evening and for your cocooning weekends, after a yoga class or to prepare for a meditation session.


    How to taste it

    For each of the ingredients to express its flavor, we recommend an infusion of 7 to 10 minutes.

  • Advice

    On the “Food-Pairing” side, this tasty and relaxing infusion can accompany afternoon snacks as well as your evening meals. Its freshness goes perfectly with various types of dishes and desserts and will enhance your cocktails.


    Like all of our teas, it can be cold brewed for the preparation of delicious iced teas in summer.


    Let us guide you in our FOOD PAIRING and RECIPES sections

  • The relaxing potion

    Lemon balm

    With its anti-stress, antispasmodic and digestive virtues, Lemon balm is a plant that Hippocrates was already using to calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety.



    Magical plant, both for the Celts and the Romans, Verbena is anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. Calming and relaxing. It also supports digestion.


    Hop Flowers

    Soothing and relaxing, hop flowers promote relaxation while protecting and stimulating the digestive system.



    Valerian was known already from ancient times as a plant with sedative effect, promoting and improving sleep.



    Savory is stimulating and invigorating. Thanks to rosmarinic acid, it expresses anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, it protects the digestive system and the intestinal flora.



    With its natural fructose content, dried apple softens and sweetens the expression of aromatic plants such as valerian and savory, while highlighting the scents of verbena, lemon balm and citrus fruits. It enlivens our “Midnight Treasure” infusion with refinement. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it also provides a certain satiety with very few calories.

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