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What are the 6 main benefits of Matcha?

Updated: Aug 5, 2021


1. Antioxidant, the "Matcha Cleanser"

Belonging to the catechin family, EGCG is the strongest antioxidant in this group. Green tea contains in addition to catechins, two other families of antioxidants present in very high concentrations in Matcha, thearubigins and theaflavins with many beneficial effects for health. But it is above all the antioxidant effect action of these molecules that is highlighted.

2. Weight loss

It also seems to play a very important role in stimulating metabolism, which has earned it the nickname "fat burner". The mobilization of fat stores is a very complex and long process to describe.

Numerous studies have shown that EGCG positively interacts with hormones involved in fat cell mobilization. In addition, Matcha is a nourishing drink, while having very few calories. The combination of EGCG and L-theanine seems to act on the regulation of appetite and is therefore a natural appetite suppressant.

3. Energy and Cholesterol reduction

Stimulating weight loss and mobilizing energy at the same time is a remarkable dual action of Matcha. As a result, Matcha is chosen by many athletes to accompany their training sessions. In the same context and in correlation with the same molecules, several studies seem to show that Matcha helps controlling cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

4. Matcha versus coffee; better than coffee

Matcha has a lower concentration of caffeine than espresso, but it is mainly its absorption and expression that are very different. The caffeine in coffee has an immediate and strong effect, but which it decreases rapidly, while the expression of the caffeine contained in green tea and very particularly in Matcha sets in slowly to last much longer and in a more intense way. Once again the physiological process linked to this phenomenon is very complex and can be elucidated later.

5. Inner and outer beauty

Matcha is also rich in fiber, magnesium and especially chlorophyll. The combination of chlorophyll and antioxidants makes Matcha in several aspects particularly beneficial for the skin. It also stimulates digestion along with metabolism, helping to drain the liver with a detoxifying effect that benefits the whole body.

6. Increases concentration and resistance to stress

Thanks to the high concentration of L-theanine, Matcha stimulates the brain positively, increases concentration and resistance to stress. The combination of the relaxing effect while stimulating the brain, facilitates concentration and mobilizes energy. These effects make Matcha an ideal drink to kick-start your day, pushing back afternoon fatigue and optimizing intellectual and athletic performance. For these same reasons, Matcha is not really recommended as an evening drink.

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