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"Organic tea" versus "Non organic tea"

Organic tea ! What is it ?

Tea plants grow in a hot and humid climate in different regions of the planet. To be certified "Organic Agriculture", the tea must meet specifications established by Europe, imposing strict rules to protect consumers.

1. A real challenge

As organic fields may be contaminated by surrounding crops, European regulations require that at least 95% of the dry matter of a product must be organic and free from harmful products. Therefore, the cultivation of organic tea must exclude pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers and the ban on GMOs of course.

2. From production to distribution

Certification bodies regularly carry out checks on labeled products, including teas. From tea cultivation to production, including transport, import, packaging and storage, compliance with European standards is regularly checked. For our internal accreditation we have chosen Ecocert, an independent organisation.

More than a label, it's way of living: Sustainable, healthy and tasty !

Consuming products from organic farming is not just “eating and drinking organic”, it is a real way of life, it is awareness of the importance of our health and that of our loved ones. It is also the understanding of environmental issues, the protection of soil, groundwater and biodiversity.

This way of life not only protects us from the harmful effects of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, but it also protects the soil and can reduce the effects of erosion. The use of organic matter helps to avoid soil depletion and preserve biodiversity.

While knowing that returning to the agriculture of our ancestors is not really feasible, many farmers have drawn inspiration from both their heritage and innovative techniques to provide us with better quality products. Consuming organic products also means valuing their precious work.

Choosing Organic Agriculture labeled teas is obviously essential in this context. Pesticides and other harmful products in our cups destroy the benefits and taste of tea. For too long chemicals have dominated agriculture, with all the consequences we know. The road to lasting change is long and costly, but for the well-being of all, it is an obvious necessity.

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