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Pesto-Matcha Chic'n


For 2 people / Preparation time 20 min / Cooking time 40 to 60 min
Image by Stephanie Studer


  • For the Pesto sauce:

  • The leaves of one bundle of radishes

  • A bundle of rocket leaves

  • A few basil leaves

  • 50g  almond powder

  • 50-70 ml cashew milk

  • Salt pepper,

  • 1-2 teaspoons of organic Ceremonial Premium grade A Matcha


  • 1 chicken breast per person

  • 4-5 green asparagus per person

  • 500 ml of Detoxology tea pre-infused

  • Salt and pepper


1) For this recipe, I wanted to poach the chicken breast and green asparagus in our Detoxology green tea, because it allows them to be spiced up very delicately.


2) Peel the green asparagus, cut and remove the fibrous parts and cook for about 6-10 minutes (depending on the thickness of the asparagus) in the previously brewed Detoxology tea. Remove the asparagus and poach the well-cut chicken breasts in the same liquid for another 20 minutes.


3) Wash the radish- rocket and basil  leaves  very well. Add all the other ingredients and mix them until you obtain a homogeneous sauce. Vary the amount of cashew milk according to your taste and the degree of fluidity you want to obtain for your pesto.


4) For this pesto, being very different from the classic recipes, we emphasize the synergy between the 3 types of green leaves and the Matcha. Cashew milk brings fluidity while keeping it delighfully light. It is of course possible to replace cashew milk with oat milk or liquid cream.


5) Serve the chicken breast and asparagus topped with the pesto sauce. Garnish with tomatoes and or other fresh vegetables.


Here we have chosen to present our Matcha Pesto with chicken breast and green asparagus in season. But this multi-faceted recipe will be able to adapt to various types of dishes, including pasta dishes. We can also imagine it as a coating of stuffed artichokes, roasted pumpkins, and many other versions of preparations.


If you like this recipe and if you prepare it in your way to accompany other dishes, describe us your experience and send us an email:

If you are "vegan", please let us know how you replace chicken in this recipe. We are looking forward to sharing this enriching experience and if you have the opportunity to take beautiful photos, we will publish the most beautiful on our Instagram account.

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