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La Minthology Verte - Organic green tea with mint

La Minthology Verte - Organic green tea with mint

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China Sencha green tea *, China Gunpowder * green tea, sweet mint leaves *, whole peppermint leavers*, moringa leaves *, pink pepper *, natural flavor. * From organic farming


⚖️12-15g / l 🌡 80- 90 ° C ⏱2 -3 min

  • Silky mint flavor

    ➙ Mint tea like you've never seen it, sexier than ever!

    Shaking up traditions by combining Gunpowder and Chinese Sencha green teas with a blend of sweet mint and peppermint, supported by the discreet note of Moringa leaves and red pepper, we have created a mint tea with a unique taste.


    ➙ Your partner for the day

    Silky, fresh and thirst-quenching, it is perfect for the morning, after a nice meal or as an early afternoon drink.


    ➙How to appreciate it

    Ideally this tea should be infused for 2 to 3 minutes. We have prepared a delicate blend, softer and milder than the usual Moroccan mint green tea. However, if you wish a stronger and more pronounced taste, extend the brewing time and slightly increase the amount of tea per cup.

  • Advice

    Mint green tea has become a symbol of Morocco and other North African countries. You can also enjoy the fine taste of “La Minthology Verte” with various sweet and savory dishes.


    Like all of our teas , it can be cold brewed for the preparation of delicious iced teas in summer.


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  • Historical facts and benefits of mint green tea

    ➙Ancient tradition treasured by various nations and cultures

    Infusing mint leaves and other herbs was already a widespread tradition in Northern Africa long before the arrival of tea. It is not exactly known whether tea was subsequently imported by the Phoenicians or by the Berber