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Refill - Le Choc & Pop - Creamy chocolate organic black tea

Refill - Le Choc & Pop - Creamy chocolate organic black tea


Assam-India black tea*, date (date, rice flour)*, crushed cocoa bean* (7%), natural flavouring, popcorn*, quince*. *From organic farming


⚖️13g/l  🌡95°C  ⏱3-5min

  • chocolate flavor

    An exceptional wedding

    Delight your taste buds with the enchantment of a perfect harmony between the freshness of ourOrganic Assam black tea from India, the pronounced taste of cocoa beans and the natural sweetness of dried fruits.


    Supporting you every step of the way

    This bewitching and comforting tea will sweeten your mornings and lighten your studious and laborious days. Appetizing and delicious, you will have the sensation of biting into a chocolate cake with only 2 kcal per 100 ml of tea. It is very appreciable after a sports session to restore the energy balance and curb the craving for sugars.


    How to taste it

    Infused for 3 minutes, it keeps the perfect expression of each of its ingredients. Steeped for 5 minutes, the astringency of Assam tea gives it more depth. A dash of classic or vegetable milk will make it even creamier.

  • Advice

    This tea is perfect to accompany yoursweet dishesand will serve as the basis for variouscocktails.


    Asall our teas, it can be cold brewed to make delicious iced teas in the summer.


    Let yourself be guided by our sectionsFOOD PAIRINGAndRECEIPTS

  • History and virtues

    Why cocoa beans in tea?

    Originally from the Amazon, the beans of the cocoa tree, ground and mixed with spices, were already used by the Olmecs 2000 years before our era to become a sacred plant for the Mayas and the Aztecs. Revered for its food and medicinal properties, the cocoa bean was even elevated to the rank of currency! The word chocolate is derived from the “chocoe” of the Mayan language and the “tchocolatl” of the Aztecs.

    The cocoa tree entered Europe in 1528, first via Spain. He arrived in France when Anne of Austria, daughter of Philip III of Spain, married Louis XIII in 1615.


    Good & Healthy?

    Several molecules common to tea and cocoa beans are very beneficial for our health. They are psychostimulants, tonics, anti-stress and natural antidepressants thanks to the theobromine molecule and magnesium. Cocoa and tea flavonoids are responsible for the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating effects. Protectors of the cardiovascular and cerebral system, they also have lipolytic effects (fat burner).

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