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Refill - La Minthology Verte - ORGANIC green tea with mint

Refill - La Minthology Verte - ORGANIC green tea with mint


China Sencha green tea*, China Gunpowder green tea*, mint*, whole peppermint*, moringa leaves*, pink peppercorn*, natural flavour. *From organic farming


⚖️12-15g/l  🌡80-90°C   ⏱2-3 min 

  • Silky mint flavor

    Mint tea like you've never seen it, sexier than ever!

    Shaking up traditions by combining ORGANIC Gunpowder green teas and Organic Sencha from China with a blend of sweet mint and peppermint, supported by the discreet note of Moringa leaves and red pepper, we have created a mint tea with unique taste


    Accompany you at every moment of the day

    Silky, fresh and thirst-quenching, it is drunk in the morning, after a meal or at the start of the afternoon.


    How to taste it

    The ideal infusion for this tea is 2 to 3 minutes. We have prepared a delicate blend that is softer than classic Moroccan green tea. If, however, you want a stronger, more pronounced taste, extend the steeping time and slightly increase the amount of tea per cup.

  • Advice

    Mint green tea has become one of the symbols of Morocco and other North African countries. The fine taste of "La Minthology Verte" will also find a place next to your varioussweet dishesand salty.


    Asall our teas, it can be cold brewed to make delicious iced teas in the summer.


    Let yourself be guided by our sectionsFOOD PAIRINGAndRECEIPTS

  • History and benefits of mint green tea

    Ancient traditions valued by multiple peoples and cultures


    The infusion of mint leaves and other aromatic plants was already widespread in the Maghreb countries long before the arrival of tea. We do not know if the tea was then imported by the Phoenicians or by the Berbers. Much later, during the Crimean War, the English, having lost their Russian market, turned to North Africa to present Gunpowder tea from China. Moorish traders then sold the "British" tea in Mali, Mauritania and other countries in the region, giving birth to a drink that has become legendary.


    Exceptional composition



    Mint belongs to the large Lamiaceae family, of which there are many species. Its name comes from Greek mythology (Mint). In antiquity, it was used to embalm temples and homes. The Romans put a few leaves in their wine. It was not until the Middle Ages that people began to appreciate it for its taste and therapeutic virtues. Antispasmodic, digestive, antioxidant and invigorating, the mint infusion perfectly complements that of the two types of green tea used for our “Green Minthology” composition.



    Moringa oleifera, belonging to the Moringaceae family, is native to the Himalayan plains in India. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, Moringa leaves are now part of the “superfoods”. Ideal to accompany detox diets, its slightly peppery taste revives that of mint and rounds out its taste in the mouth.


    red pepper berries

    Piper nigrum, belonging to the botanical family Piperaceae.

    Red pepper, unlike its white, green and black cousins, is harvested at full maturity, at nine months. It is dried in the shade. This way it keeps its pretty red color. With its digestive and anti-inflammatory action, it accompanies Mint, Moringa and green teas for a perfect symbiosis.


    Have you ever experienced a mint tea that puts a smile on your face?

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