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Refill - Imperial Exuberance - Earl Gray organic black tea

Refill - Imperial Exuberance - Earl Gray organic black tea


Assam-India black tea*, lemon peel*, orange peel*, natural flavor, orange slices*, marigold blossoms*, cornflower blossoms*. *From organic farming


⚖️12-15g/l  🌡95°C  ⏱3-5min

  • Citrus bergamot flavors

    ➙ An unforgettable feeling of freshness

    The finesse of our"Imperial Exuberance",  results from a delicately scented blend of bergamot, orange and tangerine, all accompanied by marigold flowers and cornflower.


    ➙ Support you every step of the way

    Its golden color infusion will brighten your morning awakening and will also be a wonderful accompaniment to your early afternoon.


    ➙ How  taste it

    Classically infused for 3 minutes, it preserves its unique freshness. Infused for 5 minutes, it expresses more flavors of orange and bergamot, giving it more body. In both cases, it  goes marvelously well  with conventional or vegetable milk.

  • Advice

    This tea will go well with any type ofdessertsand will accompany yourbrunches.

    It can be used as a base for the preparation of dishessaltyAndsweet, as well as deliciousjelliesAndcocktails.


    Asall our teas, it can be cold brewed to make delicious iced teas in the summer.


    Let yourself be guided by our sectionsFOOD PAIRING AndRECEIPTS

  • Historical facts and legends

    Where does the great classic English Tea Time come from?

    The name of Charles Grey, second Earl Gray and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1830 to 1834 is forever associated with bergamot flavored tea.


    Earl Grey, what legends hover around this essential tea?

    One of these legends says that Count Gray would have left his mark and his name in the history of this tea, by bringing back his recipe from a trip to China.Charles Gray having never traveled to China, other hypotheses have surfaced...

    Would a servant working for the Gray family have had the idea of sublimating the taste of tea with a slice of bergamot?

    This mixture would perhaps be the result of chance during a transport during which the fruit and the tea would have been sent together, the tea thus absorbing the perfume of the fruit?


    What is your favourite?

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